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The Process

Palmetto Moonshine is made from four main ingredients - corn, sugar, water and yeast! From these four ingredients the mash is produced and sits in containers for a couple of weeks to allow the fermentation process to start.

From there, the mash is poured into the 100% copper still and is heated up by the burners below. Once the mash reaches a certain temperature, it vaporises and rises into the cap. From there it travels through a copper pipe and into the thumper. The thumper re-evaporates the alcohol and filters out the mash, which double cooks the mixture to make it extra smooth.

The purified vapour then travels into the worm. The worm contains running cold water and a coiled length of pipe. The alcohol vapour then condenses into liquid moonshine! 

Palmetto Distillery - Copper Still.png
Boggs - Mashing shine.png
Copper Still heating up.png
Copper Still in action.png
Copper still - Palmetto Moonshine.png
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