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In 2010 the US government allowed Moonshine to be distilled legally and now Palmetto Moonshine UK is proud to say that an alcohol with a rich, dark and unlawful history that us Brits started can now be enjoyed by us again.

Imported directly from Palmetto Distillery in South Carolina, we understand that for many of you this will be a new experience. Let us transport you to the Deep South as you take your first sip, whether it's Apple Pie, Peach, Blackberry, Watermelon or straight up good ol' American Shine we promise that every drop is imported direct from South Carolina using the very same recipe that was perfected over 100 years ago.

Shine Safely!


Palmetto Distillery's products are crafted from original recipes and mash bills passed down for over 100 years.  At its core, Palmetto Distillery is dedicated​ to preserving the method and traditions of those historic moonshiners who lived in the Deep South. The proprietors, Bryan and Trey Boggs are descendants of moonshiners and are passionate about preserving the heritage and traditions of the Southern way of life. 

Every jar of moonshine is produced in small batches using age old customs, recipes and a 100% copper still that is exactly like moonshiners hundreds of years ago used (only bigger). This ensures our product is not only historically accurate but provides an award winning spirit that is smooth and enjoyable. 

Palmetto Moonshine is South Carolina's first legal moonshine and currently comes in six delicious flavours: Bootlegger Proof Moonshine, American Moonshine, Apple Pie, Blackberry, Peach and our newest flavour Watermelon! 

About Palmetto Distillery

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Our Products

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Our Products

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History of Moonshine

During the early 1900’s the temperance movement was beginning to take hold on America. As states began passing laws that banned alcohol sales and consumption the federal government followed suit and Prohibition was born (the dark times). These actions created a massive black market for distilled spirits. Soon, bootleggers that barely made any money off of their whiskey became rich overnight. The ever increasing demand for distilled spirits during this time led to cheaper ways of making moonshine. Due to the Federal Governments actions, moonshining became less about heritage and more about profit….leading to rampant violence and gang warfare. Prohibition was repealed in 1933 (hooray) and the market for bootleg grew thin. Moonshine continued to be a problem for authorities well into the 20th century but few cases were ever heard in the court. 


Moonshine has contributed greatly to our society and its effects can still be seen. If you like soft drinks, you may be interested to know that moonshine led to that beverage as we know it today. During the 17th century, European Governments began demanding higher taxes for any drinks that contained more than three percent alcohol. This led to beverage manufactures distilling the alcohol out of beers made from ginger and sarsaparilla. They would then sell the left over alcohol byproduct as a tax free beverage…these were the World’s first soft drinks. 

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Palmetto Moonshine UK

Unit 1 Waverley Road

Mitchelston Industrial Estate

Kirkcaldy, Fife


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